The highest quality and cheapest Pesach hotels in ALL OF ISRAEL (Tiberias, Tel-Aviv, Dead Sea, Eilat & More)

*4-Star Hotels With Spas From $1800 Per Couple For All Of Pesach*

בתי מלון מהדרין לפסח, ללא קטניות

T H E   S T R O N G E S T   K N O W L E D G E

2018's Best Israel Passover Hotels By: Dr Pesach

Family Pesach Hotels In Israel

In Israel you get charged by the amount of people in the room. In addition, most hotels have very small maximum occupancy allotments. On US standards this can be very confusing. Call us to learn more now about how to pick out the best Pesach hotel in Israel for your family

Budget Hotels For Pesach

The prices in Israel for Passover are very aggressive and affordable when compared to the United States. The reality is that the competition here is high and the food is much cheaper. This means that staying at a hotel in Israel for Pesach 2018 is easier than you think. Call now and learn more.

Couples Hotels For Passover

Israel has breathtaking ocean and mountain views in the back-round. Couples have the option of staying in Jacuzzi suites in areas like Tiberias, Eilat, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem & More. They can indulge in fine wine and take in the lovely views. Call now to learn more.

5 Star No-Kitniyot Pesach Hotels

Israel is home to some of the finest hotels in the Middle East with luxury standards that can only be found in cities like Las Vegas and Paris. We offer Pesach Hotels with no Kitniyot with business lounges and spas to die for. Call us now and learnmore now about 5-star luxury in Israel.